Mater Dei Youth Ministry

Mater Dei "To Heaven's End Youth Group"

Youth Ministry is the response of the Christian community to the needs of the young people and the sharing of the unique gifts of the youth with the larger church community. Working with 3 goals of youth ministry we build our program around.

  1. Empowerment
  2. Participation
  3. Growth

Our Parish Youth Group is made up of both Immaculate Conception/Nativity Center Youth. Our group began 32 years ago under the leadership of Mary Sam Hacker, Father Paul Arts and Msgr. Roger Augustine.

Our membership is free and is now open to all students from 1st grade to seniors in High School. We make sure all our projects/lessons are age appropriate. Our youth come from Sgt Bluff, Lawton Bronson, Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools and all Sioux City Public Schools.

We are open to all faith denominations. No one is turned away. We meet the 3rd Sunday of every month as well as days for special projects. Our projects range from making pillows/blankets for the warming shelter, to care packs for guard units. We participate in service projects that are both local and out of town.

We also participate in Youth Conferences that bring real life to the child’s faith experience.

Our Youth Ministry Program is run on the seven components of Youth Ministry

  1. WORD: Youth to know of God s love and live it.
    -Youth Rally, NCYC, Steubenville
  2. WORSHIP: Help them build a relationship with God
    What/How Youth Masses, involved in regular Invite to all programs that are available, Youth Masses.
  3. COMMUNITY: Feeling of belonging.
    -Youth Rallies, Meetings , Lunch served ,Baseball games, sporting events as a group and with families. Making and sharing decorations with those in nursing homes who have no family around.
  4. JUSTICE/SERVICE Let all people know of God's love thru action and service
    -Adopt a grandparent, collection of food , diapers , clothing to donate. making pillows and blankets for abused children and homeless in need. Service work both locally and trips.
  5. GUIDANCE/HEALING: Work on building of trust enable to help guide.
    -Drug awareness, relationships, being a mentor who can guide them
  6. ENABLEMENT: Meet and discuss issues with others in ministry programs.
    -Meet with Religious Ed Directors, input from parents and teachers.
  7. ADVOCACY: Listen to our youth, care for them by hearing their needs and concerns.
    -Ideas, and suggestions on what they feel is needed. What concerns them-?? Peer pressure, drinking, Bullying, drugs.

For more information or to have your child or children join please call Mary Sam Hacker 712-899-8757 or [email protected]

Mater Dei Children's Liturgy of the Word

Immaculate Conception Center
SUNDAY: 10:00 AM - During School year

Children's Liturgy of the Word invites 4 & 5 year olds to hear the gospel in their own words every Sunday at 10 a.m. Mass. Children's Liturgy begins the weekend after Labor Day and ends the weekend before Memorial Day.

Nativity Center
SUNDAY: 9:00 AM - All Year

About the Ministry
Liturgy of the Word for Children takes place during 9 AM Mass listed. Accompanied by their Adult teacher and several youth assistants, children leave the assembly during the Liturgy of the Word. We then walk over to our school library for our teaching.

A typical session
We gather as a group to learn about our Sunday Scripture. This may include a song, video, skit, and then general interaction between child and teacher. We prefer more of a hands on approach with our teachings, to help children stay connected to the Word of God. This will include a wide variety of creative ways to connect with the children. It is a very upbeat and a lively atmosphere and the children love it. Do not be surprised if your child comes back with a question for you, parents. This gives the parent and the child a time to talk together about our readings of the day.

The children will work on an age appropriate project that re-enforces the lesson of the day. We listen for the end of the Homily and then line up to return. The children then rejoin the community during the Offertory

Volunteer Ministry Opportunity
If you enjoy working with children and sharing faith, consider becoming part of this worship ministry. Nativity Center - Contact Mary Lehr - Director of Faith Formation 712-274-0497 or [email protected].

Jammin 4 Jesus NIGHT

Nativity Center 1st Wednesday of the Month
(During School Year)
K-5th Grade: 5:00-6:30 PM
6-12th Grade: 6:30-8:00 PM

This is an energetic fun inspirational night for our Mater Dei Nativity / Immaculate Conception Center’s youth.

It begins with food and fun. We have games set up in the gym for all the youth to play. Games include our new 9 Square in the Air - #1 most popular game for Church Youth Groups and much more. We have a snack for everyone and for our older youth also pizza, chips, pop, and candy. This is a time for the youth to get to know each other as a community of believers in a very relaxed setting.

Next we head to the gym for some “praise and worship” time displayed on a large screen for all to see. This is a very enthusiastic time of song that emphasizes the theme of the night. There have been nights where you could hear the kids singing from halfway down the block.

We then have a short talk time about our theme, for example “The Saints”, “God’s Love”, “You are the Light” etc. This could include a video or a special guest, or many other creative ways to engage our youth.

We conclude our evenings with a special prayer solidifying our night’s theme. A prayer that asks God to help us take the message out into the world.

Mater Dei Youth Ministry serves to connect youth and young adults with Jesus Chris, each other, the Church and its mission. We provide resources and programs for the ministry with younger and older adolescents and young adults.

Programs such as our weekly Children's Liturgy, weekly Religions Education, misc. other Youth Groups and Jammin' for Jesus night monthly with "Games, Food, Talk, Worship".

For more infomation and registration contact the Mater Dei office.


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